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Thank you for taking the time to check out and browse through Golden Retriever Central. Our goal has been and continues to be for the user to find popular golden retriever searches, such as breeders and stud dogs easily, fast and in one central place. It is our humble opinion that Golden Retriever Central is one of the best websites for finding reputable golden retriever breeders, stud dogs and litters. It is organized by regions in the US and then broken down by States. This also includes Canada. In addition, we have a sitemap for you to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

Golden Retriever Central also has one of the largest number of golden retriever breeders and golden retriever stud dogs on the web. The last count was 198 breeders and 131 stud dogs. The stud dogs aren’t from just one venue either. There are representatives from every area that golden retrievers compete in. We also are very proud to say that if you Google “golden retriever stud dogs,” we are 1st and have been for well over a year.

Our breeder listing offers your personal kennel name and website to be noticed 3 different ways. There is a space for a picture of your choice, with a link to your website and a link from your kennel name to your website. In addition, your kennel name is listed on our sitemap.

Our stud dog listing allows your stud dog to be seen on our stud dog main page, plus on the stud dog’s individual page. The stud dog main page has a medium size picture of your dog, the sire and dam, with a link to the pedigree and a link your stud dog’s individual page. The individual page has a large photo of your stud dog, clearances with a link to the OFA site, and anything else you might want to listed. We also include your stud dog’s registered name and call name in the meta data, so he will be found on a Google search. Like all of our entries, his name is listed on our sitemap.

We also offer additional recognition for your kennel and stud dogs. When your kennel, stud dog, litter is first listed we will post it on the main page with a link to your information and keep it there for a couple of months. As a bonus, we also will list new titles on your stud dog on the main page with a link to your stud dog.

We recently added two new pages, we hope will make Golden Retriever Central even easier to use. The first is an update information page, so if an owner has a change to their listing all they need to do is fill out the simple form with their request. The second new page is a frozen semen stud dog page. This is for stud dogs, for whatever reason, only have frozen semen available. 

There currently is no cost for listing, but donations are welcomed.

Thank you.

Please support Golden Retriever Central by adding a link to our website and/or liking us on Facebook.

Thank you.

For any questions and/or comments please email Jennifer at: jzyjen@gmail.com.

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