• Whelped:  6/25/2012
  • OFA link:
  • Write-up: Frankie finished in limited showing with back to back Majors.
    He carries a beautiful and plentiful correct coat.
    He has a pleasing head with a nice stop and a lovely bend of stifle.
    Solid topline with a nice amount of leg underneath him.
    Nice straight legs both front and rear.
    Stunning medium large soft gentle eyes with a wonderful expression.
    Beautiful black pigment year round.
    He is 24 inches at withers with a clean moving gait.
    Full dentition and proper scissor bite.
    Great temperament, super sweet personality, very good with babies, children, puppies and other dogs.
  • Contact:  Pamela Barnes
  • Email:
  • Phone:  708-421-1051
  • Location:  Northern Indiana (near Chicago)
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